Visit one of our butcheries

Our butchery shops

At VCM butchery shops we only use quality products. Every meat product comes from our very own farm and breeding houses.

The distinguishing factor which we provide in comparison to our competitors, would be the fact that we only choose the best meat at the most affordable prices.

Our daily offers: Beef, Pork, Chicken and fish products

In ours vegetable aisle you will find yourself fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and a variety of other groceries.

BBQ Corner

At our shop you can even put together you very own barbecue packet.

We pack everything hygienically for you. all you have to do is turn on your BBQ set and roast the meat to perfection

Salads, pasta’s & sauces

We have a wide range of salads, pasta's and sauces from our very own kitchen ready made for any business meeting or event you may have. no group is too small or to large for us.

Our salads

potato salade (vegetarian, salmon, crab, shrimp, chicken, smoked chicken & ham), Huzaren salad, cucumber salad, coleslaw, egg salad, fruit agar agar salad, shrimp salad, chicken filet salad, coleslaw with shrimp, curly lettuce salad, potato smoked chicken salad, iceberg salad, french potato / bacon salad, coleslaw with fruits, crab salad and shrimps in various dipping sauces.

Our Pasta’s

Pasta salad (ham, chicken, vegetarian), penne chicken in cream sauce, penne smoked chicken or minced beef, Hawaai pasta smoked chicken, macaroni (shrimp, chicken, minced chicken, cheese-shrimp, salmon crab, salami, vegetarian), pasta crab.

Our sauces

Cocktail sauce, faya ketchup, garlic sauce, honey baked ham sauce, muschroom sauce, stroganoff sauce, sweet soy peanut sauce, brandy sauce.

Sandwiches & snacks

Start your day well with a tasty sandwich or a savory snack in between. Every day a choice of more than 20 types of spreads.

Vegetarian & egg

Egg, cheese, healthy sandwich, egg & cheese, egg- healthy, cheese- healthy, curry egg, tempeh, tempeh with long beans


Chicken, chicken with long beans, Fried chicken filet, curry chicken, chicken croquette, liver and stomachs, chicken burger, chicken schnitzel, pom


beef meatballs, tripe sambel, steak, salted meat, beef tongue sambel


Ham-cheese and egg, pork shoarma, frikandel, pork meatball

Fish and shrimp

Shrimp, shrimp with long beans, fried fish filet, anchovy sambel, fish burger, salted fish (kandra)

Orders for meetings, staff excursions and even training courses

Soups and hot meals

treat yourself to a well-stocked soup or a carefully prepared meal. We have portions in different sizes for both small and large eaters.

Soup types:

Noodle soup, saoto soup, cassava chicken soup, chinese tayer chicken/ beef, pea soup chicken/ beef, brilia soup chicken/ beef,vegetable soup chicken/ beef, chicken peanut soup wit tom tom, vermicelli soup, brown beans soup chicken/ beef, white beans chicken/ beef.

Feel free to call and ask about our menu:
420984 - VCM Mr. E.J Brumastraat
439970 - VCM Verlengde Gemenelandsweg