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Beef Hamburger 80 gram USD 1,09 per piece
Beef leg local USD 2,89 per kg
Beef Liver USD 9,11 per kg
Beef loins USD 14,44 per kg
Beef marrowbone USD 1,83 per kg
Beef minced meat USD 7,89 per kg
Beef Rack (Rib soup) USD 7,78 per kg
Beef sausages USD 11,61 per kg
Beef shank USD 7,44 per kg
Beef Shawarma USD 16,78 per kg
Beef soup bone USD 1,11 per kg
Beef tongue USD 6,39 per kg
Blind finches 80 gram USD 1,09 per piece
Carbonade flamande USD 10,78 per kg
Cartilage USD 7,56 per kg
Dutch steak USD 14,44 per kg
Entrecote USD 12,56 per kg
Fine riblaps USD 12,44 per kg
Flank steak USD 9,00 per kg
Guts USD 1,72 per kg
Heart USD 4,89 per kg
Lateral loin USD 16,44 per kg
Lung USD 4,78 per kg
Mexican slices USD 16,67 per kg
Minced Rumen USD 3,11 per kg
Mixed minced meat USD 7,44 per kg
Oxtail USD 7,78 per kg
Roast beef USD 11,67 per kg
Roasters USD 12,56 per kg
Rumen USD 4,78 per kg
Rump streak marinaded USD 17,33 per kg
Salt-cured meat with meat USD 12,89 per kg
Salt-cured meat without meat USD 16,67 per kg
Sirloin USD 10,78 per kg
Soup meat USD 10,44 per kg
Spleen USD 4,89 per kg
Steak minced meat USD 9,56 per kg
Steak slices USD 10,78 per kg
Sucadelappen USD 10,78 per kg
Tail USD 12,78 per kg
Tarretary minched USD 16,61 per kg
Tenderloin USD 27,22 per kg
Baby back ribs USD 11,50 per kg
Escalope breaded USD 6,11 per kg
Escalope Natural USD 5,78 per kg
Free-range pork USD 3,61 per kg
Fresh bacon slices with rind USD 6,50 per kg
Fresh bacon slices without rind USD 7,22 per kg
Fricandeau USD 5,11 per kg
Hare pork chop USD 5,83 per kg
Marinated pork chops USD 7,56 per kg
Marinated Spare ribs USD 8,00 per kg
Meat chop marinaded (Indonesian) USD 7,33 per kg
Nasi meat pork USD 7,78 per kg
Pork chop USD 5,78 per kg
Pork filet natural USD 7,44 per kg
Pork Hamburger USD 0,83 per piece
Pork leg whole USD 3,06 per kg
Pork Liver USD 2,89 per kg
Pork Loins USD 5,11 per kg
Pork minced meat USD 4,33 per kg
Pork sauces USD 6,44 per kg
Pork sides USD 7,00 per kg
Pork slices USD 4,78 per kg
Pork soup bone USD 0,94 per kg
Pork soup meat USD 4,72 per kg
Pork tail salted USD 7,56 per kg
Roasted pork meat USD 11,00 per kg
Shoulder pork chop USD 5,78 per kg
Slavink 80 gram USD 0,83 per piece
Smoked pork leg USD 3,61 per kg
Pepperoni kip USD 9,94 per kg
Bacon USD 15,33 per kg
BBQ Sausage Cajun (Chicken) USD 10,33 per kg
BBQ Sausage Naturel USD 10,00 per kg
BBQ Sausage Smokey Joe USD 8,50 per kg
Black pudding USD 4,00 per kg
Bologna sausage USD 10,94 per kg
Bologna sausage Chicken USD 11,00 per kg
Brown beans bacon USD 6,33 per kg
Chicken ham USD 16,56 per kg
Cooked salami chicken USD 10,00 per kg
Cooked salami Pork USD 10,94 per kg
Fricandel chicken USD 0,72 per piece
Fricandel pork USD 0,67 per piece
Ham USD 17,33 per kg
Macaroni ham (slices/blocks) USD 12,00 per kg
Meat ball baked USD 8,06 per kg
Meat sausage beef USD 9,78 per kg
Meat sausage chicken USD 7,28 per kg
Meat sausage chicken USD 3,78 per kg
Meat sausage pork USD 6,94 per kg
Mixed meat USD 7,22 per kg
Mortadella chicken USD 11,00 per kg
Roasted minced chicken USD 13,22 per kg
Smoked ham USD 17,33 per kg
Smoked sausage chicken USD 11,00 per kg
Smoked sausage chicken 200 gram USD 3,11 per pack
Smoked sausage pork USD 10,00 per kg
Smoked sausage pork 250 gram USD 5,53 per pack
Snack meatbals 24pc USD 9,39 per kg
Snack meatbals chicken 24pc USD 12,22 per kg
Butterball turkey USD 31,11 per piece
Chicken braadworst USD 7,00 per kg
Chicken Breast USD 6,17 per kg
Chicken Breast marinated USD 7,22 per kg
Chicken breast with bone USD 5,22 per kg
Chicken burgers USD 0,81 per piece
Chicken carbonade USD 4,11 per kg
Chicken carbonade filet USD 6,17 per kg
Chicken cordon bleu USD 9,11 per kg
Chicken filet schnitzels USD 8,33 per kg
Chicken finches USD 0,98 per piece
Chicken Legs USD 4,39 per kg
Chicken Legs marinated USD 5,39 per kg
Chicken legs smoked USD 6,67 per kg
Chicken minced meat USD 6,17 per kg
Chicken rolls USD 0,81 per piece
Chicken roulade filled with cheese and ananas USD 10,22 per kg
Chicken sate 6 pieces USD 3,33 per pack
Chicken Shawarma USD 9,44 per kg
Chicken soup bones USD 2,06 per kg
Chicken soup meats USD 3,89 per kg
Drumsticks USD 5,22 per kg
Grilled chicken USD 7,11 per kg
Half a chicken USD 4,31 per kg
Liver and stomach USD 4,38 per kg
Marinated chicken carbonade USD 5,22 per kg
Marinated chicken strips USD 8,33 per kg
Marinated wings USD 6,22 per kg
Roasted chicken carbonade USD 7,11 per kg
Roasted chicken legs USD 7,11 per kg
Sate meat chicken marinated USD 7,89 per kg
Smoked chicken USD 10,44 per kg
Smoked chicken soup meat USD 5,17 per kg
Whole chicken USD 4,22 per kg
Wings USD 5,22 per kg
USD 2,27 per piece
Banana chips USD 0,36 per piece
Banana Chips USD 1,06 per pack
Bay leaf 15gr. USD 0,19 per piece
Black Beans USD 3,14 per pack
Black pepper powder 20gr. USD 0,42 per piece
Black soy sauce 1 liter USD 2,14 per bottle
Blue band creamy margarine 227gr. USD 1,28 per pack
Bread crumbs 500gr. USD 1,61 per pack
Brown beans 660gr. USD 2,86 per bottle
Brown beans canned 800gr. USD 1,32 per can
Brown beans canned 840gr. USD 2,56 per can
Butter Beans USD 2,31 per pack
Butter unsalted 250gr. USD 4,17 per piece
Cadburry Hazelnuts 120 gr. USD 3,47 per piece
Cassave Chips USD 1,06 per pack
Cassave fries big USD 1,53 per pack
Chick Pea USD 2,93 per pack
Chicken crockets 8 pieces USD 1,50 per pack
Chicken franks USD 1,58 per pack
Chicken franks 340gr. USD 1,89 per pack
Chives 0.25oz USD 2,78 per piece
Coca Cola + assorted fernandes soft drinks 591ml USD 0,89 per bottle
Coconut milk 400ml USD 0,94 per can
Coconut water 350ml USD 1,00 per bottle
Coffee creamer 16oz. USD 6,62 per bottle
Coke zero 591ml. USD 0,89 per bottle
Cooking oil soya 1 liter USD 1,33 per bottle
Cooking salt USD 0,89 per kg
Coriander 1.75oz USD 3,47 per bottle
Corn 425 gr. USD 0,82 per can
Corn flakes 375gr. USD 1,63 per piece
Corn Flour 340Gr USD 1,78 per pack
Corned Beef 340gr. USD 2,75 per can
Cornstarch 500gr USD 2,64 per pack
Dried milk 900gr. USD 16,17 per can
Dried raison 200gr. USD 1,83 per pack
Eggs USD 0,16 per piece
Eggs 12 pieces USD 3,17 per container
Fernandes cheese cookies tesa fesa 25gr. USD 0,39 per pack
Fernandes chocalate cookies USD 0,78 per pack
Fish Sauce 200ml. USD 1,14 per bottle
French Fried Potatoes 2,5kg USD 6,56 per pack
French Fried Potatoes 2.5kg USD 6,44 per pack
Frozen mixed vegetables 900gr USD 4,00 per piece
Fruit cocktail canned 30 oz. USD 5,83 per can
Garbage bag 30 gln USD 2,22 per piece
Garbage bags 15 gln 10 pieces USD 1,47 per pack
Garbage bags 55 gln 10 pieces USD 3,61 per pack
Garlic USD 3,89 per kg
Garlic powder 20gr. USD 0,39 per piece
Garlic powder 80gr. USD 1,39 per pack
Gatorade G-series USD 1,47 per bottle
Gember powder 80gr. USD 1,94 per pack
Ginger beer 350ml. USD 1,19 per bottle
Green olives 220gr USD 1,22 per bottle
Holland dairy pure butter unsalted USD 2,50 per piece
Ice Cream Assorted 1 liter USD 3,11 per piece
Instant Chocolate milk 400gr. USD 3,42 per can
Instant coffee Nescafe 200gr. USD 7,94 per bottle
Instant softdrink grape USD 3,50 per box
Instant softdrink lemon USD 3,50 per box
Instant softdrink passion fruit USD 3,50 per box
Instant softdrink punch USD 3,50 per box
Instant softdrink strawberry USD 3,50 per box
Juice assorted 1 gallon USD 8,33 per bottle
Juicly fruit punch 500ml. USD 0,58 per bottle
Juicly orange juice 500ml. USD 0,58 per bottle
Katwijk ground coffee 250gr. USD 10,42 per pack
Ketchup 750ml. USD 2,64 per bottle
Kidney Beans USD 2,64 per pack
Lemon juice USD 2,87 per bottle
Lemon juice 1 liter USD 6,47 per piece
Lentils USD 1,84 per pack
Lonthai 25gr. USD 0,47 per piece
Macaroni elbows 400gr. USD 0,88 per pack
Macaroni spiral 400gr. USD 0,93 per pack
Mackerel in oil 425gr. USD 1,86 per can
Maggi chicken boullion 100 cubes USD 4,02 per pack
Maggi chicken buillion 50 cubes USD 2,08 per pack
Maggi soup it up chicken noodle USD 1,44 per piece
Maggi vegetabale boullion 50 cubes USD 3,56 per piece
Margarine 2.25kg. USD 6,22 per piece
Margarine 227 gram USD 0,84 per pack
Mayonaise 500ml USD 3,92 per bottle
Meat seasoning 3.5 oz USD 3,92 per piece
Milk Long Life 1 liter USD 1,51 per pack
Mixed vegetables 14.5oz cannes USD 2,21 per can
Noodle soup 125GR. USD 1,06 per pack
Noodlles assorted 86gr. per bowl USD 1,75 per container
Olive oil 500ml. USD 8,80 per bottle
Onions USD 1,00 per kg
Oreo cookies 432 gr USD 6,08 per pack
Parbo beer 330ml. USD 1,28 per can
Pea canned 800gr. USD 2,79 per can
Peach canned 425gr. USD 1,16 per can
Pear canned 29 oz. USD 4,07 per can
Peas/Green Beans USD 1,61 per pack
Pepsi can USD 0,81 per can
Pepsi cola or 7-up 400ml USD 0,69 per bottle
Pickled cucumber 450gr. USD 1,44 per sack
Pineaple slices canned 20 oz. USD 2,89 per can
Plastic Disposable Cups 12oz 100 pieces USD 4,28 per piece
Potatoes USD 0,89 per kg
Pringles patato chips original 165gr. USD 3,25 per piece
Pringles patato chips paprika 165gr. USD 3,25 per piece
Quaker oats oatmeal 500gr USD 1,86 per can
RC cola 375ml USD 0,58 per bottle
Red Onion USD 1,39 per kg
Rice 10kg USD 10,53 per pack
Rice 25kg. USD 26,11 per pack
Salted pinda USD 0,50 per piece
Sardines in oil 125gr. USD 0,96 per can
Soya sauce 500ml. USD 3,11 per bottle
Spaghetti 400gr. USD 1,50 per pack
Spring roll 8 pieces USD 1,67 per pack
Sprite lemon can 355ml USD 0,82 per can
Sugar brown USD 1,67 per kg
Sugar white USD 1,67 per kg
Sun flower cooking oil 1 liter USD 1,46 per bottle
Sunflower oil 1 liter USD 2,42 per bottle
Sweet corn canned 425gr USD 0,67 per can
Swiss Mayonaise 2L USD 13,56 per piece
Tabasco sauce 59ml. USD 2,59 per bottle
Tea 50 pieces USD 3,41 per pack
Tiffany hazelnuts wafers 153 gr. USD 0,89 per piece
Tomato paste 400gr. USD 1,03 per can
Tomato sardines canned 425gr. USD 2,33 per can
Tuna fish in oil USD 1,89 per can
VCM Cassave blocks 453 gr. USD 1,11 per pack
VCM Cassave precoocked 453 gr. USD 1,67 per pack
VCM marva thee 15 pieces USD 3,00 per sack
VCM marva-moringa thee 15 pieces USD 3,00 per sack
VCM morigna thee 15 pieces USD 3,00 per sack
VCM Patato Sambal USD 1,44 per container
VCM soursop thee 15 pieces USD 3,00 per sack
VCM Terie Sambal USD 2,06 per container
Vinegar 1 liter USD 2,14 per bottle
Water 1,5l USD 0,62 per bottle
Water 350ml. USD 0,47 per bottle
Water 500ml USD 0,32 per bottle
Water 500ml. USD 0,31 per bottle
Whipping cream 1 liter USD 6,39 per pack
White flour USD 0,82 per kg
Whole kernel corn canned 15.25oz. USD 2,17 per can
Yellow pies USD 1,38 per kg
Yogourt Assorted 115gr. USD 0,72 per piece
Extra matured cheese USD 10,56 per kg
Extra matured cheese sliced USD 15,44 per kg
Gouda cheese young USD 13,67 per kg
Gouda cheese young sliced USD 13,11 per kg
Grated cheese USD 1,44 per container
Komijne cheese USD 15,33 per kg
Komijne cheese sliced USD 17,56 per kg
Matured cheese USD 14,22 per kg
Matured cheese sliced USD 14,33 per kg
Mozzarella 40+ USD 7,78 per kg
Mozzarella 40+ grated USD 1,39 per container
Pizza cheese 48+ grated USD 1,33 per container
Young cheese USD 13,89 per kg
Young cheese sliced USD 14,00 per kg
Young matured cheese USD 16,00 per kg
Young matured cheese sliced USD 16,11 per kg
Bang bang filet USD 7,58 per pound (500 gram)
Fresh Fish for frying USD 4,72 per pack
Frozen Fish Fillets USD 5,78 per pack
Frozen Fish Fillets USD 4,00 per pack
Frozen Fish Fillets USD 7,94 per pack
Frozen Fish for frying USD 6,89 per pack
Frozen Squids USD 23,83 per pack
Herring USD 8,33 per kg
Mixed Seafood Frozen USD 9,39 per pack
Frozen Shrimps USD 31,67 per pack
Apples USD 0,81 per piece
Arum USD 1,67 per pack
Avocado USD 4,44 per kg
Banana USD 0,83 per kg
Bean Sprout USD 0,58 per pack
Beetroot USD 4,72 per kg
Broccoli USD 10,22 per kg
Cabbage USD 3,89 per kg
Carrots 454gr. USD 2,00 per pack
Cauliflower USD 6,61 per kg
Celery USD 2,89 per pack
Cucumber USD 0,36 per piece
Egg plant USD 1,44 per kg
Grape USD 8,67 per kg
Green plantain USD 1,44 per kg
Lemon USD 0,22 per piece
Lettuce USD 5,00 per kg
Oranges USD 0,76 per piece
Papaya USD 2,17 per piece
Paprika Red/green USD 6,50 per kg
Pepper USD 3,61 per pack
Pineapple USD 2,89 per piece
Pumpkin USD 0,89 per kg
Sweet Melon USD 6,28 per piece
Sweet Potato USD 1,39 per kg
Tomatoes USD 2,78 per kg
Watermelon USD 1,28 per kg
White bread sliced USD 1,31 per pack
6 in 1 cleaner 770ml. USD 2,56 per bottle
Abrasive sponge 4 pieces USD 1,97 per pack
Bath soap 80gr. 3 pieces USD 0,86 per piece
Bathroom descaler 500ml USD 4,63 per piece
Bleach 3.8 liter USD 3,71 per bottle
Cleaning cloth 3pcs USD 1,97 per pack
Coarse barn 4 pieces USD 1,97 per pack
Colgate triple action 100ml. USD 1,17 per piece
Dish cleaning 4 liter USD 6,94 per bottle
Dishwash soap lemon 500ml. USD 1,39 per bottle
Dishwasher lemon 1 liter USD 2,08 per bottle
Disinfectant bathroom floral 1.84 liter USD 3,17 per piece
Disinfectant bathroom lavender 1.84 liter USD 3,17 per piece
Disposible cups 9 oz. USD 0,04 per pack
Fabric Softener 2 liter USD 3,56 per piece
Fine barn 6 pieces USD 1,33 per pack
Freshner Air Spray floral 300 mg USD 1,37 per piece
Freshner Air Spray fruit 300 mg USD 1,37 per piece
Napkins 100 pieces USD 0,94 per pack
Paper towel 220 sheets USD 1,46 per pack
Power degreaser USD 3,14 per bottle
PVC food film 28cm x 30m USD 2,33 per piece
Scrubbing brush with handle 2 pieces USD 1,86 per pack
Soap powder 5kg. USD 19,11 per pack
Toilet cleaner lemon 550ml. USD 1,51 per bottle
Toilet paper USD 0,44 per pack
Toilet paper 6 rolls USD 2,81 per piece
Toilet soap 85gr. USD 0,44 per piece
Tooth paste 113gr. USD 3,00 per piece
Tooth picks 300 pieces USD 0,78 per piece
Window cleaner refill USD 1,92 per bottle
Window cleaner spray 750ml. USD 2,56 per bottle

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